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Unique Graphique, Picture Restoring, Manchester, NH

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"The Miracle Worker"


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yankeeAuthor of: Photograph Restoration and Enhancement Using Adobe Photoshop (3 editions)


A variety of photograph restoration services are available through PhotographRestorationNH.com, located in Manchester, NH.

Got torn, folded and/or weather damaged photos?

These problems are the most common ones when working with older photographs, along with mold, holes, surfaces scratched and damaged, photographs stuck to glass, etc., all of which can be repaired. VIEW SAMPLES

Got photos with color fading and/or need color correction?

Although faded color is common in older color photographs, and also common with recent digital photos, if they have not been preserved properly, their color can be restored. VIEW SAMPLES

Got a photo with something you want added in or taken out?

Sometimes a great photo just needs someone or something added in or taken out to make it a perfect photo. Images can be combined to achieve the final look you are striving for, as well as unwanted content can be removed. VIEW SAMPLES

Got a photograph of a person with red eye?

Or an animal photo with flash reflection in his/her eyes? These types of imperfections can be corrected. VIEW SAMPLES

Got an "almost perfect" photo?

Sometimes a head turned can be so disappointing. If you have another shot with the head facing, it can be substiuted for the turned head one. No one will ever know! VIEW SAMPLES

Got a black and white photograph you would like in color?

A black and white photograph can be converted to a full color photograph. VIEW SAMPLES

Got a special project idea of something you would like done?

Contact Us! We LOVE special challenges! VIEW SAMPLES